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Project Information

For my next play, I want to talk to women about sex. This is not limited to those who were assigned female sex at birth. So, if you have lived experience as a woman and you live in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, then this project is for you.


I am inviting you to fill in a survey to tell me about your relationship with sex. Specifically, I want to answer the following 4 questions:


1. What do you think about your knowledge of sex?

2. What do you feel when you talk about or have sexual experiences?

3. How are the first two questions influenced or shaped by your background? (i.e. your religion, ethnicity, age, education, economic background, whether or not you consider yourself to have a disability etc).

4. Could a play be used as a tool to benefit women’s relationships with sex?


The written survey will take you approximately 15 minutes. So make a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy a bit of you time.

Hi, I'm Hannah and I am an independent theatre producer based in South London. That means that I work for myself and I make plays for a living.

If you would prefer to listen to this page, press the circular play button on the left.

  • What do you mean by Sex?
    In this survey, I am using the word 'sex' to refer to any sexual experience that you have had with yourself, a partner, or multiple partners. This means that you don't have to talk about penetration, orgasm or even being with another person if you don't want to - these thing may or may not seem necessary to you for an experience to be 'sex'. It is up to you what you share.
  • Is it anonymous?
    Yes. Completely.
  • Trigger Warning
    This survey is not intended to be triggering but it might be for some people. If you do not feel comfortable to answer a question, or to complete this questionnaire at all, that is OK. Please only answer the questions that you want to answer and you only need to give as much detail as you are comfortable with. If you would like any guidance or further reading around any of the subjects that come up in this survey, or if you would like to talk to someone, there is a page of resources and organisations who can offer you support.

Project Team:

Lead Producer - Hannah Farley-Hills of HFH Productions

Research Consultant - Dr Monique Huysamen, researcher of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice

Illustrator - Ellie Farley-Hills

Web Designer - Hannah Jackson

Project Steering Group:

Zoe Anjuli Robinson - Producer: Headlong & Senior Producer: Polka Theatre
Jo Cummins - Independent Producer, Moonfish Theatre
Sofia Stephanou - Executive Director & Joint CEO, Arch 468
Becky Batten - Trainer, Enhance The UK
Gaël Le Cornec - Independent Producer and Theatremaker

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