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We are looking for 3 women and non-binary first-time writers to co-create the A Play About Sex script with multi award-winning Writer, Sophie Swithinbank in a 3 month PAID Writers' Room process later this year!

Fancy the challenge of representing our 1,245 unheard stories in a play, and earning your first professional writing credit while doing it?


Applications will open Friday 10th March at 11am

and will close at midnight on Sunday 9th April

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What does first-time Writer mean?

We are prioritising people who have not yet written for professional theatre (a script that you have been paid to write)
and who are not currently represented by an agency


Do I need to have attended an A Play About Sex workshop to apply?

No, but we will be prioritising those that have


Is this a paid opportunity?

YES! Our 3 community writers will receive a writing fee, plus travel and accommodation support if needed (see details below)


When will the Writers' Room be and what is the commitment?

The Writers' Room will take place from the beginning of May - end of July 2023. It will likely be a once a week commitment, however we will work with you and the other writers to schedule this around your work/study/childcare/health requirements


Where will the Writers' Room be?

The Writers' Room will likely be in London. However, PLEASE STILL APPLY WHEREVER YOU ARE BASED, we will work with you to get you where you need to be!


How long do I have to apply?

4 weeks. Applications will close at midnight on Sunday 9 April

Can I have a chat with you before I apply?

Of course! If you have any questions or need anything else,
including if a written application is not the best format for you to apply, you can email me at or give me a call on +447881745763


Community Writers will be paid a fee of £120 per Writers' Room session


We expect to schedule 13 Writers' Room sessions so this will be an approx. total fee of £1,560


Travel and accommodation support will be offered on top of this, if required


To be eligible for our Writers' Room opportunity, you will need to submit 3 things as part of your application:

1. A 3-4 page scene that you feel best shows off your writing. This can be on a topic of your choosing (it doesn't have to be sex!) and can be a dialogue or a monologue. You are welcome to submit something you have written before, or something that you wrote during an A Play About Sex workshop.

2. A completed version of our Personal Information form. Your writing will be read anonymously, this information is so that we know who you are once we have made our selections (and so we remember where we met you!)



3. An up to date photograph of you (to help jog our memory!)

Please send all 3 parts of your application to by midnight on Sunday 9th April

If you have any questions before then, or need any support to help you better apply in an alternative format, please get in touch via the above address or you can ring Hannah on +447881745763

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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